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3 Step Plan To Organizing Your Light Show

3 Step Plan To Organizing Your Light Show

October 12, 2010


Regardless of whether you want to organize a Christmas Party at your house, or you just want to decorate your yard in the spirit of the winter holidays, Christmas light shows always represent a very good idea. You should always organize such an event very well, and in order to make it easier on you, here is a simple 3 step plan that will help:

  1. lightshows10.jpgDraw up your plan. You should literally draw, and for this you need pen and paper. Even if you are not that good of a drawer, within minutes you can see your light o rama on paper, which will help a lot. Do not forget to make as realistic the drawing as you can, including your yard, a scheme of your house, and the spots where you want the lights.
  2. Now, you are ready to go out shopping. You will need a lighting controller (it must not be the most expensive one), and cheerful decorations. Just let your imagination flow, but keep in mind that less is often times more. If you want to make some savings, you should probably try buying all the items you need online. Especially with the holiday season approaching, you will be able to get these with discounts.
  3. Light shows are particularly beautiful, but only if they work properly. If you want your light shows to work flawlessly, you need to spend some quality time with installing and testing it. This way, you will have everything ready for the big night!


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